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PHILOS expands its global partnership with Me-Sep

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

PHILOS has appointed Me-Sep as an authorized distributor of its Membrane-related manufacturing solutions inventory. Me-Sep, headquartered in Cracow, Poland, will promote, sell, and service PHILOS-supplied systems throughout the world, with a focus on Europe.

The Me-Sep team has over 15 years of membrane technology experience in both academic and industry settings. It provides tailored services to membrane manufacturers, research institutes, and end-users, including groundbreaking membrane research and consultation. The company's main focus is on knowledge transfer for hollow fiber membrane production, membrane module manufacturing, and gas and liquid mixture separation system design. It also places a special emphasis on novel engineering solutions for hollow fiber membrane filtration modules.

“It is our mission to provide our clients with the most up-to-date trends and cutting-edge breakthroughs in membrane manufacturing technologies, particularly in the emerging applications of hollow fiber membranes, where we have had great success in recent years.

Being a distributor for PHILOS helps us to expand our product portfolio while also allowing us to explore new markets and participate in rapid technological advances. Our clients will benefit from PHILOS' outstanding and high-quality products for membrane spinning, potting, cutting, coating, or casting and they will be backed by the sales and service network we bring into the partnership,” says the CEO of Me-Sep, Dr. Eng. Szymon Dutczak.

According to an agreement reached on July 8, 2021, PHILOS and Me-Sep will partner to grow and create new business channels while offering excellent service to their joint client base.

Dr. Jeong Hak Kim, the CEO of PHILOS, states, "We're glad to be collaborating with a respectable and competent organization like Me-Sep to aid PHILOS in expanding its equipment abroad."

PHILOS strives to provide the best and most convenient membrane manufacturing equipment to its customers. We consistently endeavor to meet the needs of our customers, whether it's in terms of quality, design, price, or delivery. And now that Me-Sep has joined our team as a partner, we are convinced that our clients will doubly benefit from expert consulting and expanded technical and sales services, particularly in the European Region.


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