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Our Team.

Wellspring Co., Ltd, established in 2018 as a spin off from our sister company, PHILOS, under the leadership of CEO Jeong-Hak Kim. MEMS (Membrane Evaluation and Manufacturing Systems) is a South Korean brand owned by Wellspring Co., Ltd, specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for the design, development, supply, consultation, and manufacturing of membrane equipment.

At MEMS, our commitment to our vision and values drives every aspect of our operations:



Our vision is to be an industry leader in advanced membrane technology, expanding our business through collaboration with customers and partners worldwide and providing innovative solutions in return. Furthermore, we are committed to contributing to a better future for the next generation.


  • Trust: We prioritize building trust to ensure reliability and consistency in our products and services

  • Customer Satisfaction: By understanding the needs of our customer, we consistently exceed expectations

  • Innovation: Our products integrate cutting-edge technology and design, remaining at the forefront of smart technology advancements

Some of our customers


Global Clients:


Domestic Clients:

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