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Are you in need of a specific non-woven paper for your membrane application?

Non-woven polyester paper

Non-Woven Polyester Paper: What it is and How it Works

Non-woven polyester paper, a synthetic material made of continuous filaments bonded together, is an essential component in membrane manufacturing processes, particularly for separation membrane support. Crafted from 100% polyester fibers known for their remarkable mechanical properties, uniformity and smooth surface, this support sheet typically ranges in basis weight from 15 to 100 g/m², with an air permeability falling between 0.5 to 150 cc/cm²/sec.

FCS-330 System with Non-Woven Paper Roll
FCS-330 System with Non-Woven Paper Roll

Non-woven polyester paper finds its place as a critical component for flat sheet membrane casting systems, such as MEMS’ Semi Continuous Flat Sheet Membrane Casting System (FCS-330). This model offers a casting width of up to 300mm, making it compatible with a non-woven paper roll width of 330mm.

Non-woven paper offers several advantages in membrane production:

 1. Higher Sheet Uniformity: It ensures uniform membrane formation for reliable performance.

2. Mechanical Support: It maintains membrane integrity during the membrane flat sheet casting process.

3. Water Resistance: Exceptional resistance to water and dimensional stability. This characteristic is essential for membrane systems operating in harsh environments, ensuring long-term performance and durability.

4. Heat Resistance: Allows to withstand elevated temperatures encountered during membrane manufacturing processes

5. Chemical Compatibility: It's compatible with various casting solutions and conditions.

When using MEMS’ Flat Sheet Casting/Coating Membrane systems, non-woven paper stands out as an optimal choice for reinforcing UF/RO membranes due to its lightweight yet robust properties. Its inherent strength ensures minimal additional weight to the membrane system while providing essential reinforcement, contributing to structural stability. The paper's superior water resistance and dimensional stability are essential in upholding the integrity of the membrane support, particularly in demanding water treatment environments where durability is important.

FCS-330 System with Non-Woven Paper Roll
FCS-330 System with Non-Woven Paper Roll

This durability ensures sustained performance under challenging conditions, ultimately prolonging the operational lifespan of the entire system. Additionally, this non-woven paper offers compatibility with various secondary processing techniques, including lamination, impregnation, coating, and embossing, allows for customized solutions tailored to specific performance requirements.

As an authorized distributor of AWA Paper, MEMS is committed to providing top-quality materials tailored for membrane manufacturing processes. AWA Paper products are being used as the chosen support material for a renowned global RO membrane companies. The following table outlines the key specifications for our non-woven polyester paper:

Specifications Table - Non-woven Paper
Specifications Table - Non-woven Paper

By fully embracing the potential of non-woven polyester paper in flat sheet membrane casting systems, researchers can improve efficiency, reliability, and quality in their membrane manufacturing processes.

Are you interested in learning how non-woven paper can enhance your research?  Contact us at

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