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Advancement in Coating Technology at MEMS

Flat Sheet Coating System
Flat Sheet Coating System

We are excited to share a significant improvement in our Flat Sheet Coating System at MEMS through careful consideration and evaluation – Transition from gravure coating technique to the more advanced ‘Interphase Coating’ method.


The decision to shift to 'Interphase coating' reflects our dedication to overcoming challenges associated with gravure coating, especially the issues related to persistent mesh imprints in the final product. Through adopting 'Interphase coating,' we are very confident in assisting our customers to achieve more reliable and consistent outcomes for their research projects.

Our coating system has undergone a major conceptual transformation, facilitating semi-continuous film coating, departing from the conventional approach of drying a coated membrane on rolls in the oven to attain a shorter film length. This upgrade includes the integration of a vacuum pump and vacuum pad in place of gravure, enabling a seamless transition to maintain a consistent surface and enhance quality, and continuous coating process.

It's crucial to highlight that the 'Interphase coating' method comes with high specifications, making it particularly well-suited for pilot-scale and industrial-scale applications. This transition not only shows our dedication to technological innovation but also emphasize our commitment to providing engineers with the most innovative solutions, particularly RO membrane manufacture.


For more information about our new coating system, or if you have any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to the MEMS Team via email: We’re here to answer your questions and share more details about this exciting development!


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