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MEMS partners with CarboPora to boost sales of membrane manufacturing equipment

MEMS partners with an additional European company; CarboPora to grow and create new businesses in the membrane manufacturing industry.

MEMS announces a collaboration with CarboPora, a Portugal-based membrane technology company. The two firms intend to collaborate on the promotion, sales, and services of MEMS systems, especially in Portugal and its nearby regions.

MEMS has over two decades of experience developing and commercializing membrane evaluation and manufacturing systems and is committed to providing novel membrane technology solutions for R&D and commercial purposes, whilst CarboPora aims to become an internationally recognized company in the gas separation and sustainable energy markets.

“The partnership between CarboPora and MEMS is our first sales agreement with an overseas company. MEMS’ membrane evaluation and manufacturing systems are unique and make the production of this type of material much easier. This is especially useful for R&D, but also for industry. We believe this is the beginning of a great collaboration that will bring mutual growth!” says the Co-founder of CarboPora, Telmo Lopes.

In accordance with an agreement reached on December 1, 2022, MEMS and CarboPora will work together to expand and develop new business opportunities while providing top-notch service to their customers.

Dr. Jeong Hak Kim, the CEO of MEMS, states, "The collaboration with such a respectable and competent company like CarboPora will be a mutual contribution of further growth and development while expanding MEMS equipment abroad."

With the addition of CarboPora as a partner, MEMS is certain that its clients will gain confidence in using MEMS products as they will have access to local expert consultation and reliable technical services.

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