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The Vital Role of Spinnerets in Membrane Manufacturing Systems

One of the key technologies integrated into our hollow fiber membrane spinning systems is our advanced spinneret nozzles for membrane manufacturing. MEMS has dedicated two decades to perfecting nozzle technology, resulting in world-class, cost-effective spinnerets of various specifications. Unlike the conventional two-stage process of creating a composite membrane, our nozzles can create one simultaneously while spinning, saving time and resources. The performance of MEMS nozzles matches that of leading global nozzle companies' products, while offering offering half the price.

Hollow Fiber Membrane Nozzle / Spinneret
MEMS' Spinneret

What is a spinneret? in membrane manufacturing

A single spinneret (nozzle) is an essential tool in membrane manufacturing, controlling the flow of polymer solutions or melts through fine holes to create thin filaments deposited onto a substrate. Its design influences membrane properties, where researchers can explore advanced features like adjustable inside/outer diameter sizes for precise customization.

Diagram of a Conventional Hollow Fiber Spinneret
Schematic Diagram of a Conventional Hollow Fiber Spinneret

This component is meticulously designed to direct material flow onto substrates with uniformity in thickness and structure. This precision lays the foundation for membrane functionality across diverse applications.


Let's take a closer look at MEMS' advanced spinneret technology in action. Below is an image showcasing our spinneret integrated into our hollow fiber membrane manufacturing system.

Reference of MEMS Single Layer Nozzle in Hollow Fiber Membrane Spinning System
Reference of MEMS Single Layer Nozzle in Hollow Fiber Membrane Spinning System

As you may be aware, efficiency is crucial in membrane manufacturing, where the carefully selected size and configuration of the spinneret optimize production processes, minimizing waste and maximizing throughput. This not only improves operational efficiency but also contributes to economic viability.


In offering a range of nozzle sizes, including those listed in the following table, MEMS addresses the diverse needs of membrane manufacturers and researchers, ensuring precise customization for various applications.


Description (mm)



ID; 0.35~0.6

OD; 0.6~1.1

Gas Separation


ID; 0.65~0.95

OD; 1.1~1.6



ID; 1.0~1.3

OD; 1.6~2.0




OD; 2.0~2.3


Nozzle Specification - Table 1

Reference image of MEMS Single- and Double-Layer Nozzle Cross-section
Reference image of MEMS Single- and Double-Layer Nozzle Cross-section

MEMS also enables customization of single and double layer nozzles, modifying membranes to suit specific applications in various industries such as:


  • Water treatment

  • Purification, Pharmaceuticals

  • Gas separation

  • Biomedical devices

  • Food and beverage processing

  • Chemical processing

  • Environmental remediation

  • Energy production

  • Biotechnology, among others. 


While often overlooked, spinnerets stand as indispensable components in membrane manufacturing. Recognizing their significance is essential for driving innovation and meeting the evolving demands of various industries.


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