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Hollow Fiber Membrane

Manufacturing System

MEMS offers a diverse range of facilities involved with hollow fiber membrane production. It comprises facilities to spin fibers, fabricate modules, and evaluate hollow fiber membranes. MEMS has it all, from basic experimental devices to industrial facilities.

Hollow fiber spinning, potting, cutting, and coating systems are all available from MEMS in a variety of standard configurations. However, it is also possible to tailor the systems to the needs of the customer. Customers may spin single- or double-layer hollow fibers using the MEMS spinning system. Moreover, MEMS potting system also has the ability to pot up to 48 modules at a time. The systems are compact and easy to use since they were built by researchers to assist reduce the time and effort required to do the tasks.

Hollow fiber membrane module potting system (Lab to commercial scale)

Lab-scale module cutting machine

Pilot-scale module cutting machine

Hollow fiber membrane Coating system (Used for gas separation, pervaporation and any other special purpose applications)


Hollow Fiber membrane Nozzles comes with four different nozzle index which are used for fabricating monolith membranes, composite membranes ( double layer spinning) & braided membranes.  

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