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Membrane Evaluation Systems

Evaluation Systems

Achieving commercial excellence and working with stakeholders with new goods and services are MEMS' main objectives. MEMS also creates and supplies its customers with a ‘Evaluation System' to help them produce accurate data and evaluate the membrane's worth. For its clients, MEMS is confident in offering high quality membrane evaluation products for a wide array of products including flat sheet and hollow fiber membrane UF, MF, MBR, RO, FO, MD, etc. 


  • Flat Sheet Membrane Permeation Cell (Disk type / Rectangular type)

  • UMF multi-purpose membrane test system

  • Hollow fiber membrane pilot system for separation, purification (diafiltration) and concentration

  • Quality control and performance evaluation system for home water purifier

  • Membrane distillation evaluation system


Membrane Evaluation System
Membrane Evaluation System
Membrane Test System
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